Reflections 💫

As i sit and reflect back to what was,  I am grateful for all that has been.. good or bad, i do not question what could have been or should have been..
As the past is the very reason I am where I am today, guided, greatful and changed.
Verily for Allah, in His Masterplan set me out along the path i had walked, only to bring me onto the path that i am..


☆ Mysterious ways ☆

Its amazing how through mysterious ways; through ways of simpleness; those tender actions of kindness and that of care.. that He guides you and helps you find the means or shows you back to the path,the path of righteousness, the path that beholds simple truth of everlasting contentment.. The path that sets you apart from the rest..
All because we love but indeed He Allah loves us more, loves us the most…

New beginnings…


It withstood the cold, the gloom, it stood bare and breakable; familiar it is to the soul in waiting, in despair, burdened in trial and tribulation..

It shed its leaves, not its branches.. as there is still hope.. Hope for it to bear again the fruits of a new season, of new beginnings..

Never loose hope in the wait of life, or through the test of time.. for surely to taste the sweetness of the fruit the bitterness needs be endured first..

#Allah is surely with those that are patient. Allah tawwak ☆☆

Tomorrow may not be

We live, we plan, we delay..
Leaving it to another day, another tomorrow.. Foolish we are, as our next breath is not guaranteed.
Yet in our ignorance of it all, we carry on.. Failing to realize that all that was, that is and ever will be is by the Grace and Mercy of Allah as He alone is the writer of all books..
Make your book worthy of reading…