I wish …

A lot of times when we want something for ourselves we quickly let the words “I wish” slip and pass through our lips.

Wishing got us nowhere, to be quite frank. Instead – determination, perseverance, strength and the willingness to learn turned many more dreams into a reality then ‘wishing on a star’ ever did or will.

This year is about, no longer wishing upon stars or leaving things to the elements of the earth to majically hand us that which we desire. Wishing resonates with the idea of a far fetched possibility or chance. Yes, the slim chance of that ‘wish’ being fulfilled.

Wishing to me is a falsehope and only breeds weak. I choose to learn, to grow and to attain what a wish deems impossible.

“I will learn”… is now going to be the driving words of every dream, vision, and seemingly unattainable wish.

#iwilllearn #nowishing #learnlivegrow


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