Baby girl

From the time she opens her eyes all she longs to see is the beauty from within
But how can she when shes bombarded by fake images portraying what beauty should be?

Nevermind baby girl dont let the big bad world make you feel so small
Afterall u were meant to be daddys world and mummys little girl
You not meant to flaunt and prove to be,
a show piece in a world where you replaced as easy as 1, 2 and 3

Look in the mirror
And do not fear
Let your true beauty shine from within
Dont be fooled by the idea that you need to show skin
To be acknowledged or to fit in!

Do not be consumed by the venom
That pours
It can easily consume you and close all the right doors
Stay true to the beauty within you
Safeguard and cherish it
For when it is gone
It will be hard to regain it
For you would need to be reborn

Dont loose you in a world thats tryna change you
Only you can be you and know you
Depend on no1 but the Man who made you
For you are as precious as can be
A rose indeed
Its beauty concealed by the thorns that surround it
Never loose it
To prove it

For all you will loose is your soul
In a world that will give you nothing but hurl
Insults at you that enrage a fire deep within you
That will consume you
And prevent you from being you
Never forget your purpose
Nor the reason He created you so delicately
As you will always remain daddys little girl and mummys world!! 


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