《 This battle 》

She seems composed
But deep within a silent war is raging

At times she is able to douse it

But than there is the rush, the gripping sensation that trickles into her thoughts 

She blocks them out

Turning to prayer 

Turning to the one – the only one – that can rescue her from herself

She’s afraid of consuming herself through her own weakness, her own temptations, her own…

Yet she tries with all the strength that is left in her.

As this is way too familiar, 

As she once found herself deep within this vicious waters that almost – almost stripped her of all that has made her whole today

But – She has deteriorated…

How, when, why – 

She cant seem to fathom.

As the droplets prick at burning eyes her heart pulses out in a cry, in a plea!

Her lips remain unmoved and all that she hears in the deadly silence – 

is her frantic whisper from deep within, 

“Save me – from myself”


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