I wonder if ’tis true? 

Why they ask?
Why waste your time…
I wonder if it is true?
But they dont see the passion in her voice,
The fire in her heart,
Nor the thirst in her spirit!
Calling out through the little gestures,
Words of encouragement 


the playful sarcasm?
They see her as soft, 

maybe even weak?
Not fit for this crowd?
But she wont step down!
They dont get it do they?
That all she desires is to touch one soul
Leave an imprint on one soul – 
So when they remember –  after years to come
They will recollect and realise her worth.
Maybe not then – 

when it is too late
Maybe it would engrain itself to some and…

As they leap forward in this world of uncertainty her little efforts would be constant reminders.
And they will ask, questioning themselves –
I wonder if it is true?


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