☆ Hope ☆

Even during the darkest of nights light can still be found. 

Whether it be the moon, the stars or the electric flash of an angered light

Swamped by a darkness,
As it seems to have overtaken mind and heart
Have i blacked out from reality?
Simply just soared to another realm
refusing to acknowledge the feelings of the heart and acceptance of it by the mind.

This space seems rather blissful

Numb to everything that meant to trigger a tear, or jilt the heart in delight…

Where and when was it lost?

But then there is the hope of finding it again Guided by the streaks of moonlight that are held captive by the overshadowing thoughts of gloom.
Or the faint lil star shining bright despite the overpowering darkness of the blackness it lies within.
Even that which 1 fears most,
Like the angered streaks of a master lashing! 

This –

May very well be the light that guides one out of this unexplainable feeling.


《 This battle 》

She seems composed
But deep within a silent war is raging

At times she is able to douse it

But than there is the rush, the gripping sensation that trickles into her thoughts 

She blocks them out

Turning to prayer 

Turning to the one – the only one – that can rescue her from herself

She’s afraid of consuming herself through her own weakness, her own temptations, her own…

Yet she tries with all the strength that is left in her.

As this is way too familiar, 

As she once found herself deep within this vicious waters that almost – almost stripped her of all that has made her whole today

But – She has deteriorated…

How, when, why – 

She cant seem to fathom.

As the droplets prick at burning eyes her heart pulses out in a cry, in a plea!

Her lips remain unmoved and all that she hears in the deadly silence – 

is her frantic whisper from deep within, 

“Save me – from myself”

I wonder if ’tis true? 

Why they ask?
Why waste your time…
I wonder if it is true?
But they dont see the passion in her voice,
The fire in her heart,
Nor the thirst in her spirit!
Calling out through the little gestures,
Words of encouragement 


the playful sarcasm?
They see her as soft, 

maybe even weak?
Not fit for this crowd?
But she wont step down!
They dont get it do they?
That all she desires is to touch one soul
Leave an imprint on one soul – 
So when they remember –  after years to come
They will recollect and realise her worth.
Maybe not then – 

when it is too late
Maybe it would engrain itself to some and…

As they leap forward in this world of uncertainty her little efforts would be constant reminders.
And they will ask, questioning themselves –
I wonder if it is true?