Lost in a Fairytale

She wishes for that fairytale…

The happily ever after
The swooning under the moon

As she eagerly searches for the one,
The one for whom her heart is made for…
The one who would complete her
And accept her whole.
For behind the pretty face lies the scars, the wounds, the imperfections, everything that makes her who she is.

An imperfect beauty is the reflection she sees-
yet perfect for the beast that searchers for her too.

For he is the perfect paradox of her
The beast visible to the eye but behind the scarly imperfections is an untouched unknown beauty, a bewilderment of love and sincerity.
Waiting, longing to be discovered…

They both seek fervently to be accepted, loved and wanted – through the beauty and its scars; through the beastly imperfections and its passions..

All she is, is a simple imperfection of a beauty searching for her beast..