Be yourself…

“Be yourself” he said.

From behind gleaming green eyes, he seemed lost in a world of wonder. 

“Be yourself”… 

Like your ear against the shell, hearing the ocean chime and even once you’ve removed it, the clear picture still flashing behind your lids? 

Yes!! that feeling – exactly that. 
Why i wonder? Such an impact or not? The words imprinted in my mind, making me wonder –

some food for thought, right?! 

How we so easily adapt to new situations or how we change ourselves to fit in? Is it necessary though? Should we!? 

Can 1 be oneself in a setting – new and different to ones comfort? 

And than – why do we change, conform or alter image and ways to be a part of?instead of ‘with’ but remaining an individual!

Maybe, its the fear of rejection. The fear of being and feeling misplaced. The fear we create within ourselves fuelled by the expectations we set for ourselves, as well as those we assume others have of us.
Maybe just maybe –

We think too hard, 

Worry too much, and

Expect even more;

But all, that really matters and did matter is our self acceptance.


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