Rantings of an ‘ImPerfect’ ‘Perfect’ me…

I look into the mirror and i see the reflection of the “not so perfect” me..
Dressed down, sweat pants, baggy pull over, messy hair, no make up..
But its me!
I enjoy the occassional dress up, but not a fan of make up, but love dark eyes!
I choose not to dress to impress criticisng eyes, but what “IM” comfortable in..
I cry at the smallest things and laugh hard at the silliest!
I enjoy the beauty and simplicity of nature, and its captivating awe that will leave me marvelling hours at end..
Oh how I love the thrill of adrenalin that gets the heart racing too!
Yes my heart skips a beat at the sound or sight of a sweet, loving or kind word..


Ive been searching all this while for the 1 that could understand this “not so perfect” me in a place where the ideal is all that keeps the eye pleased..
In a world where the perfect image cannot be compromised, we seek to up keep and maintain images of a reflection of some 1 else.. we loose sight of ourselves in trying to be”perfect “!
But guess what the person ive been searching for all this while to acknowledge and accept me….  was right here all along & that is  – Me!

Ive learnt that you have to Love you for who you are! Never change yourself to fit the likings of another or to fit in!
Be comfortable in your own skin! You gorgeous without all that make up, or the teeny tight fitting pieces that to the world is “perfect”!

You dont need the world to like or approve of you for you to like or approve of yourself!

Perfection starts with realising our imperfections and that gives us beauty beyond any make up cover in the world!
Be YOU,  Be …. Be’YOU’tiful 🌼