This craze, a plague! 

Im plagued by this uneasiness.. 

By this craze, 

Almost a sense of desperation.

Well, is it??

I cant bring myself to shake the feeling, well not totally.. 

Yes i said it, it plagues me!!

When im down and out  

Or when im left alone with my thoughts.. 

These pricking thoughts that swallow my peace and wreck at an anxious heart..

Do i just throw my hands up and let it ‘all go’?

Do i let myself be consumed by it just a ‘little’?

Or do i fight this unsettling feeling and wait….. just patiently wait on it to pass?!?

I console myself with reassuring words, words of a Lord so Kind so Merciful, yes my Lord that has tested me to this point;

Where i realise it is the point where i make it or break it!?!

In this moment you wonder, you ponder, you get lost among all the wrong intent.. ‘keep strong’ hope whispers as it tugs at the bits of sanity that is left to be consumed by a ‘little’ that would let it ‘all go’.. 



This confusion that wrecks my mind..

What is right? 

What is wrong? 

When the paths are distinct.. 

What do i do? 

Where to from here? 

Is it my heart or mind that is guiding me? 

When my body carries with it a strange sensation that is enlightened by your name.. 

Its all a hazy happening that seems unrealistic.. 

Why i wonder… why??