The ♡ in waiting..

It feels like history repeating itself..
As the words ring in my ears a sound that they ever so familiar to. It is truly said Allah is the best of planners and no doubt Allah sure is..

I sit and reflect at my situation – my desperateness, this sesne of loss that overwhelmed me at 1 point has turned into something bigger..
At that point in time all tHat made sense was the hot wells that filled my eyes, the staggering piercing at my heart and a mind that was lost beyond reason.

A time where the “why” was a constant search wishing on a hopeful answer. Nothing made sense – nothing would have – nothing could have..
But here i am days, weeks, months later and a strong sense of calm soothes the longing heart..

The heart no longer aching, my mind not lost in wicked wonder anxiously going back and forth rethinking, evaluating & questioning everything..

As it is all too familiar for the heart that has been in waiting..


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