New beginnings…


It withstood the cold, the gloom, it stood bare and breakable; familiar it is to the soul in waiting, in despair, burdened in trial and tribulation..

It shed its leaves, not its branches.. as there is still hope.. Hope for it to bear again the fruits of a new season, of new beginnings..

Never loose hope in the wait of life, or through the test of time.. for surely to taste the sweetness of the fruit the bitterness needs be endured first..

#Allah is surely with those that are patient. Allah tawwak ☆☆


A poem for Mum

A mothers love will only ever be known, only to a mother alone.. there will be no mother greater then the mother that was sent for me.. blessed we are for the mother you are.. no love can compare for yours is truly rare..

Your bondless love, your soft and caring touch, your heart of goodness, your nature of kindness.. words are but a few to express all that you truly do.. eternal will your heart & soul remain so pure so true..

Your love to me, is bondless as the ocean and eternal it shall be.. As nothing is more dear to me then what my mum will ever be♡

Tomorrow may not be

We live, we plan, we delay..
Leaving it to another day, another tomorrow.. Foolish we are, as our next breath is not guaranteed.
Yet in our ignorance of it all, we carry on.. Failing to realize that all that was, that is and ever will be is by the Grace and Mercy of Allah as He alone is the writer of all books..
Make your book worthy of reading…

Then there was…

Those hearts that wait on a return,

those that wait for the time they will meet again in eternity


then those that have no wait no wish as all they have and ever wanted is right before them unnoticed, untouched with the love of appreciation and gratification, can we deny the favors of our Lord?

Be grateful for all that you have for once its gone your wait will begin – inevitably it shall…